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SubjectRe: PCI serial card with PCI 9052?
Russell King wrote:

>On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 12:27:14PM +0100, Pavel Janík wrote:
>>I have tried to cat /dev/ttyS5 after
>>setserial /dev/ttyS5 port 0xd800 irq 11
>I think you actually want:
>setserial /dev/ttyS5 port 0xd800 irq 11 autoconfig
>and then cat /proc/tty/driver/serial and see if the 5: line has changed
>from uart:unknown.

Given the fact HT6552IR is a (very old?) ISA Super IO chip with:
* Support two serial ports.
Support one printer port with EPP/ECP/SPP function.
*Parallel Port and Serial Port IO Base Address Select:
378, 278, 3BC, 358, 258, 398, 298, 3F8, 2F8, 3E8,
2E8, 35C, 25C, 2BC, 39C, 29C
* Seven IRQ selectable (IRQ 3,4,5,7,10,11,12)
* All port is designed for disable and enable.
it surely is 8250 compatible.

As you have two 8port regions for two serial ports these should be the
correct locations.

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