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    Subject2.4.20-rc3 ext3 fsck corruption -- tool update warning needed?
    (I'm not subscribed to lkml, please CC: -- Thanks :^)


    I'd been running 2.4.20-rc3 for two days. While rebooting it tonight
    fsck.ext3 corrupted my / partition during an automatic fsck of the
    partition (caused by the maximal mount count being reached). (I had
    backups so I was able to recover :^) The symptoms were that some files
    like /etc/fstab and dirs like /etc/rc2.d disappeared -- not good.

    My system is Debian Testing, with Debian e2fsprogs version
    1.29+1.30-WIP-0930-1. I use ext3 partitions with all options set to
    the defaults (ordered data mode). This is an SMP system, in case
    that matters. Please e-mail me for any other details that might help.

    I'm wondering if this change between -rc1 and -rc2 might be a factor ->

    HTREE backwards compatibility patch.

    Upon rebooting to 2.4.19 (SMP kernel also), the system did another
    auto-fsck.ext3, this time on /usr. I held my breath, but all went fine.
    This seems to me to narrow it down to a kernel/e2fsprogs incompatibility
    (but I'm not an expert).

    If this is indeed the case, please put a LOUD WARNING in the kernel
    notes that some versions of e2fsprogs are incompatible. HTH.

    Clemmitt Sigler

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