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SubjectRe: Compiling x86 with and without frame pointer
I use -momit-leaf-frame-pointer for optimization in some own projects, 
instead of the "-fomit-frame-pointer". For me, this results in better
codesize/speed compared to both "-fomit-frame-pointer" or no option at
all. Actually gcc-2.95 seems to support this feature as well, but it
never made it into the 2.95 docs... It makes debugging a lot easier too.

So anyone "caring to benchmark", could you please test the
"-momit-leaf-frame-pointer" option for x86 as well...

Mark Mielke wrote:
> A few weeks ago I was surprised to find that code compiled with
> -fomit-frame-pointers reliably executed a few percentages slower.
> Since the functions I was testing were not anywhere big enough to
> fill even the I1 cache, I wrote it off as 'the CPU is obviously
> optimized to expect certain instruction sequences after call and
> before ret'. Something to think about anyways...

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