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SubjectRe: We need help benchmarking and debugging reiser4
Cliff White wrote:

>>Can some of you help us by doing such things as replicating our
>>benchmarks, and helping us debug it as we enter the last stretch before
>We are interested in helping, but i haven't seen the follow-up mail
>mentioned below - if you could send us some more specifics, we'd be
>glad to join the fun.
>>Nikita and Oleg will describe the details of what to do to replicate the
>>benchmarks, please be sure to use reiser4 readdir order for writes to
>>reiser4 (that means don't use tarballs made from ext2 (Remember that
>>writes determine subsequent read performance.)), and to use the latest
>>hard drives and fast processors with udma 5 turned on. We are quite
>>sensitive to transfer speed since we do a good job of avoiding seeks.
>>We are sensitive to readdir order because we sort directory entries
>>(which is necessary for having efficient large directory lookups). In
>>reiser4.1 we will ship a repacker, and then it won't matter what order
>>you do writes in so long as the repacker gets a chance to run at night.
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Cliff, has there been a russian timezone working day since you requested
it? (I don't have access to your original email at the moment.) If
there has been, then Nikita, please explain why the request was lost,
and assure me that next time it goes into someone's todo list, and gets
responded to on the same day.


To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in
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