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    SubjectRe: [rfc] epoll interface change and glibc bits ...
    Davide Libenzi wrote:
    >>I'd be happy to contribute better doc... has the man page
    >>for sys_epoll been written yet?
    > it is going to change though with the latest talks about the interface.

    Hmm. Right off the bat, I see a terminology problem.
    The man page says

    .SH NAME
    epoll \- edge triggered asynchronous I/O facility

    That's going to confuse some users. They might think
    epoll can actually initiate I/O. Better to say

    epoll \- edge triggered I/O readiness notification facility

    Second, epoll_ctl(2) doesn't define the meaning of the
    event mask. It should give the allowed bits and define
    their meanings. If we use the traditional POLLIN etc, we
    can say
    POLLIN - the fd has become ready for reading
    POLLOUT - the fd has become ready for writing
    Note: If epoll tells you e.g. POLLIN, it means that
    poll will tell you the same thing,
    since poll gives the current status,
    and epoll gives changes in status.

    - Dan

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