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    SubjectRe: [patch] threading fix, tid-2.5.47-A3
    Ulrich Drepper wrote:
    > [...] It the very basic concept of always having a correct
    > thread descriptor. A process created with fork() from an MT app is
    > different from one created with fork() from a single threaded app. In
    > the latter case the thread descriptors are not used and can contain
    > garbage. In the former case the descriptor better be correct all the
    > time. It basically the same problem as with setting the TLS "register".
    > clone() get the CLONE_TLS flag because the child and parent have
    > (potentially) different TLS address and it is not possible to set the
    > value before the fork() call (since the parent would have the wrong
    > value for some time) nor after the fork() (since then there would be a
    > window for a signal to arrive for an uninitialized thread).

    Ok, I understand now.

    1. You need the child to have a valid thread descriptor immediately after
    fork(), and the parent's thread descriptor to be the same
    before and after fork().

    2. At all times, get_current_thread()->tid must return the current
    thread's tid in both the parent and child.

    That is fine. Just allocate a new TLS for the child, use
    CLONE_SETTID|CLONE_CLEARTID|CLONE_SETTLS in your threaded fork(), and
    pass the child's tid address (in the child's tls area).

    It does require allocating a new TLS area on fork(). Is that a

    -- Jamie
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