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    SubjectRe: make distclean and make dep??
    On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 10:36:20AM -0600, Kai Germaschewski wrote:
    > But when do you need the "clean + rm .config*" behavior? I don't see that
    > to be such a common case.
    > That's why I think two targets are enough, "clean" to remove the files
    > generated during the build and "distclean" to remove all other extra stuff
    > to. And just keep mrproper to be an alias for distclean, since that's what
    > "mrproper" traditionally was (AFAIK, Linus used it that way).

    People are used to a mrproper that does NOT delete their editor
    backup files and patch rejects. Thats the only arguments against

    The main purpose should be to have a clear and logical
    distingush between the two/three.
    As it is today people are confused, and there is no consistency -
    especially between architectures.

    I'm fine with a change that moves MRPROPER_{DIRS,FILES} to clean - except
    But I'm not fine with the current situation where I have to say goodbye
    to all my .rej files + xx~ files just to force a full recompile.

    I will do a new patch tomorrow.


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