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    SubjectRe: [patch] threading fix, tid-2.5.47-A3

    On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > In fact, SETTID is clearly useful even without threads, and exactly for
    > the case that Ingo apparently broke with his patch: the parent wants to
    > atomically save the TID of the child in the _parents_ address space (so
    > that a immediate SIGCHLD won't be racy with saving off the pid by the
    > parent).

    while it makes sense, the problem in this case is that the 'TID address'
    is the parent's TID address. (ie. might be futex-waited upon by some other
    context, for an exit() event.)

    i think what makes most sense is what Luca suggested, to split up the
    things and use two different TID address: one for race-less setting of the
    TID in the parent's address space, and another for the race-less
    initialization of the TID value in the child's context.

    > There's no reason to make SETTID/CLEARTID be one flag, since they are
    > clearly different things, and NPTL can just always set both bits if that
    > is the behaviour glibc wants (and I agree with that behaviour, of
    > course. I just disagree with not allowing others to do different
    > things).

    ok, agreed. Other libraries might choose to still do SIGCHLD based exit()
    notification - exit notification and initial-TID setting are separate

    (i'll send a new patch in a few minutes so that we can see the full impact
    on things.)


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