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    SubjectRe: module mess in -CURRENT (Andi Kleen)  wrote on 15.11.02 in <>:

    > > and then have the timer clear "xtime_count" every time it updates it.
    > Problem is that you cannot easily synchronize such a monotonously increasing
    > timer in a network. But make needs synchronized times.

    That's really a make problem. It gets much worse when you count in times
    going backwards because you restore a file from backup, or whatever.

    What I'd really like make to do - but it can't with the current design -
    is to note the exact time stamp of each dependency when creating a target,
    and when reconsidering that target, finding out if any of those time
    stamps have changed in any way (and, while we're at it, probably check the
    size as well). *Changed since last time*, not younger than the target.

    But of course to do that, you need a persistent repository for those time
    stamps - which, I think, kbuild-Owen does.

    If you think about the more tricky things to do with make, this is almost
    always what you would need to make a solution much easier.

    Take network time shift, for example. Once you no longer need a younger-
    older relation, that time shift is actually completely irrelevant!

    One of these days, when I have lots of time (as if!) ...

    MfG Kai
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