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SubjectRe: Bugzilla bug tracking database for 2.5 now available.
Martin J. Bligh wrote:

> Hmmm ... I'm not sure that being that restrictive is going to help.
> Whilst bugs against any randomly patched version of the kernel
> probably aren't that interesting, things in major trees like -mm,
> -ac, -dj etc are likely going to end up in mainline sooner or later
> anyway ... wouldn't you rather know of the breakage sooner rather
> than later?

Unfortunately that doesn't scale well, and introduces all sorts of
potential red herrings in bug reports... should I be handling bug
reports for OSDL's Carrier Grade Linux branch, for example? ;-) and
we've seen that there are patches in these various trees are often
intentionally kept out of mainline for various reasons.

I'm definitely going to close net driver bug reports which aren't
against mainline, without regards to their contents or value...

I thought this database was going to be used to stabalize 2.5... not
provide a vehicle for further time wastage and distraction :)


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