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SubjectRe: What's left over.
Patrick Finnegan <> writes:

>> What's so hard to understand about the "vendor-driven" thing, and why do
>> people continue to argue about it?

>Because I'm not a vendor, and I want it.

So get your vendor to integrate it.

You don't have a vendor, but roll your own kernels? Tough, so you're
are a "vendor". Surprise, surprise.

Replace "vendor" with "people who roll up and distribute kernels". So
one vendor (Linus) refuses to integrate LKCD. Tough. Use another
one. Think USP here. Think diversity. Think competition. Maybe "that
vendor" (Linus) will catch up one day. Maybe not. Maybe "competition"
is not on his agenda. So what?

Get SuSE. They will integrate everything and their grand mother in
their kernels.

Gee, most people seem to think that "vendor" means "big evil
corporation in Redmont, WA".


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