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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET 22/25] add support for PC-9800 architecture (sound alsa)
Takashi Iwai wrote:
> At Fri, 1 Nov 2002 22:02:18 +0900,
> Osamu Tomita wrote:
> > Now, PCM OPL3 and MPU401 all works fine.
> > Would you please add option "pc98ii" into snd-mpu401?
> > This is for Box that has MPU-PC98II only, with no other sound card.
> well, then i misunderstood the hardware configuration on PC98.
> doesn't MPU-PC98II need any specific hardware init code like in
> pc98_mpu401_init()?
MPU-PC98II doesn't need those init codes. Apologize for not enough
On-board sound and sound cards made by NEC need those init codes.
Perhaps, for backward compatibility, PC-9800's BIOS masks newer
features like WSS PCM, OPL3 FM synth and MPU-401 compatible IF.
After cold booting, they works as oldest sound card of NEC (PC-
9801-26). So I added some init codes to enable those features.
Most sound cards made by third parties (MPU-98, Sound blaster16
for PC9800...etc) don't need these init codes.

> if yes, then we should create another module for PC98II rather than
> including a magical init code into a generic mpu401 module.
Init code for MPU-401 detects wheter NEC or not. If MPU-401 is
not NEC's, skip magical initialization. So I think it's beter,
your patch and adding option to mpu401.c

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