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    SubjectRe: The Ext3sj Filesystem
    On Thursday 31 October 2002 11:41 pm, Theodore Ts'o wrote:

    > First of all, have you considered trying to do this as a stacking
    > filesystem?

    Yes, I spoke to Christoph Hellwig the other day and he suggested the same
    thing. I will be taking a look at a stacking filesystem tonight/tomorrow.

    > Secondly, the really critical question is key management. What
    > happens if the user gets the key wrong? Will he/she know? Or will
    > they just get garbage if the read from the file, and be able to trash
    > the file if they write to the file with the incorrect key? Using some
    > kind of key-ID and some way of validating that the key is correct
    > before the user does start accessing files would probably be a really
    > good idea.

    It wouldn't be very hard to alert the user of an incorrect key using a message
    digest (SHA1). So far, I haven't implemented this feature, but I will if
    enough people want it.

    > Finally, if you do want to allocate some additional fields in the ext2
    > inode, superblock, etc., please coordinate with me, so we can avoid
    > conflicts as much as possible. Thanks!!

    Yes, there will be a need for additional fields specifying things such as the
    algorithm to use.

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