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    SubjectRe: The end of embedded Linux?
       From: "" <>
    Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 11:06:03 +0100

    No one else can run these drivers so
    how could I expect someone else to maintain them ?

    This is a common misconception. When sweeping API changes
    are made to fix some bug or whatever, if your driver is in
    the tree the person making the API change will update your
    driver or add a comment saying "the new API does this, I
    couldn't figure out how to do that with your driver, please
    update" in a comment.

    You get free work like this just as a side effect of being
    in the tree.

    It will also be sanity build checked by lots of people who
    run the current kernels through a "enable everything" configuration.

    However I can not understand how it would be practical for many
    organizations to release code under the GPL for specific hardware.

    See above.

    This to some companies is too much to give
    away. Perhaps someone could educate me on this point ?

    You talked about an interrupt controller, a serial port, lack of VGA,
    and lack of RTC on your system... doesn't sound like any ground
    breaking hardware to me.

    Franks a lot,
    David S. Miller
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