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    SubjectRe: The end of embedded Linux?
    On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 18:15, wrote:
    > a serial port and an interupt controller. What I was trying to explain
    > was that I would not mind making my code available for these
    > kernel changes. Although I don't understand why anyone would
    > want it. Apart from API changes, why do this ? The kernel is not
    > easily or frequently changed on this type of system. It would bloat
    > the kernel and I would expect to have to address problems of this
    > nature myself. However I would not like to make code available for
    > the more specialised hardware.

    That depends how specialized the hardware actually is. I think I've see
    six different non free implementations of 68360 sync serial code around
    all proprietary for example.

    Also my original comments were much more aimed at the core stuff. People
    who made existing and especially core stuff smaller could send the stuff
    out. Several of us want to compile a CONFIG_TINY option, and suprisingly
    enough small is good on high end boxes. My L1 cache is 8 times faster
    than my L2 cache is 7 times faster than my memory. Or to put it another
    way, going to main memory costs me maybe 100 instructions.

    My Athlon thinks small is good too!

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