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    SubjectRe: New BK License Problem?
    Ulrich Drepper wrote:
    > That's not what I was talking about. It is not possible anymore to use
    > the same process we did. It is not possible anymore to react right away
    > on "Linus checked the patch in; try it.".

    Whatever. In the past, it was completely impossible, because Linus did
    not post his tree. You had to wait, sometimes several days, for a
    pre-patch in order to see a patch Linus "checked in." And even then,
    you were required to pick apart the prepatch to dig out the specific
    change(s) you are interested in.

    BK has actually made this _possible_, since you can now see (even
    without BK) Linus's tree as it gets updated throughout each day.
    Individual csets or full patches against point releases. This is a much
    more fine grain than in the past.

    > You mentioned rsync to replicate the archive and then use CSSC. Would
    > be fine with me. But: knowing how to set up rsync would probably
    > require me to look at all the bk infrastructure and mechanisms more than
    > I had to do in the whole time I was using bk the check out sources and
    > while doing this I probably once again violate your license.

    Instead of ranting, asking a simple question would have gotten you the
    simple answer (given by DaveM). Man, when you make an assumption, you
    go all out... I bet the Microsoft PR department could put your FUD
    skills to good use.


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