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SubjectRe: New BK License Problem?
Skip Ford wrote:
> Linus Torvalds wrote:
>>I don't do any pre-patches or daily patches any more, because it's all
>>automated. There are several snapshot bots that give you patches a lot
>>more often than "every 2 days". You don't need BK to use it, it's there
>>in the good old diff format.
> However, a much larger percentage of patches are applied to your tree
> without a diff being posted to lkml first.

IMO this is very incorrect -- the high volume submitters have never
posted their stuff to lkml when sending to Linus. BK did not change
this at all. Andrew is the notable exception. [1]

> My only wish would be that
> you only accept patches through the mailing list,

that won't work for many reasons... lots of uninteresting patches
posted to lkml, security patches should go out-of-band, etc. Do you
_really_ want to see boring and huge arch merges posted to lkml? Ug. :)


[1] One might argue that Ingo is another exception, but I don't count
him among the high-volume submitters. This is not intended to diminish
him, either: Ingo probably has one of the highest "important/trivial"
patch ratios of anybody in the kernel...

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