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SubjectRe: BK MetaData License Problem?

On Sun, 6 Oct 2002, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> If this is a concern, it actually appears that BK has the capability to
> "enforce" a license, in that I coul dmake BK aware of the GPL and that
> would cause BK to pop up a window saying "Do you agree to this license"
> before the first check-in by a person (the same way it asked you whether
> you wanted to allow openlogging).

sounds interesting - is it difficult to enabled it, just to see how much
impact it has on daily work?

> Do people feel that would be a good idea? I actually dismissed it when
> Larry talked about it, because I felt people might take it as another
> "too much BK in your face", even though the license would be the _Linux_
> license, not the BK one.

well, if it can be made a one-time thing, ie. something like: 'from now on
if you commit in the repository and distribute the changes then all those
changes and related BK metadata are licensed under the GPL', that would be
less intrusive i guess?


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