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    SubjectRe: Linux v2.5.40 - and a feature freeze reminder

    On 6 Oct 2002, Peter Osterlund wrote:
    > My PCMCIA network card no longer works. During boot, I see this
    > message:
    > ds: no socket drivers loaded
    > It worked in 2.5.39. Also this patch helps, although I don't
    > understand why it is now needed:

    The PCMCIA code does initializations in the wrong order, and
    asynchronously (ie from multiple different threads). And init_pcmcia_ds()
    really depends on the actual low-level drivers having had time to
    register, since the PCMCIA code never had any sane way to inform the DS
    layer that a new client driver had registered.

    Thus the delay by init_pcmcia_ds() - to give time for drivers to
    initialize. And the yenta driver needs some time.. That time apparently
    went up a bit, probably due to the tq/work changes.

    The _right_ thing to do is to not have init_pcmcia_ds() depend on
    low-level drivers being initialized, but instead do that DS thing
    _early_, and then when each driver initializes it would tell the DS layer.
    But that's not how the PCMCIA code was organized..


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