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SubjectRe: [BK][PATCH] Reiser4, will double Linux FS performance, pleaseapply
Andrew Morton wrote:

>Hans Reiser wrote:
>>Well, if we are only 2.5 times as fast for writes as ext3 after your
>>patch is applied, I'll still feel good.;-)
>whupping ext3's butt on write performance isn't very hard, really ;)
>But it should be done based on "feature equivalency". By default,
>ext3 uses ordered data writes. Data is written to disk before
>the metadata to which that data refers is committed to journal.
>It would be questionable to compare a metadata-only journalling
>approach to ext3 with data=journal or data=ordered.
The atomic transactions that reiser4 offers are a much higher level of
data security than data journaling. Really, you should read the 17 page
papers I send you URLs to;-).....


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