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    SubjectRe: [BK][PATCH] Reiser4, will double Linux FS performance, pleaseapply
    Andrew Morton wrote:

    >Hans Reiser wrote:
    >>Green and Zam and Umka, on Monday please start work on seriously
    >>analyzing how the block allocation differs between the new and the old
    >>kernel, now that you can finally reproduce the benchmark on the old kernel.
    >I just sent the Orlov allocator patch to Linus. It will double or
    >triple ext2 performance in that test, so please make sure you compare
    >against the latest. There's a copy at
    >We can expect similar gains for ext3, when that's done.
    >(The 2x-3x is on an 8meg filesystem. Larger filesystems should
    >gain more)
    Well, if we are only 2.5 times as fast for writes as ext3 after your
    patch is applied, I'll still feel good.;-)

    Better benchmarks will be conducted during the next 3 months, the ones
    we have are still a bit raw....


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