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SubjectRe: bare pci configuration access functions ?

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 14:11:36 -0800
Greg KH <> wrote:

> But even then, you are building up a few pci structures yourself to talk
> to the pci device. In looking at the few places you call this function,
> is there any reason that acpi_ex_pci_config_space_handler() can't just
> call pci_bus_* itself, instead of having to go through
> acpi_os_read_pci_configuration()? If so, the one other usage of the
> acpi_os_read_pci_configuration() can cause that function to be
> simplified a lot.

That's because of Linux port of ACPI CA structure.
ACPI CA divides the acpi driver into OS independent part and os dependent
part. acpi_ex_pci_config_space_handler exists in OS-independent
part and acpi_os_read_pci_configuration exists in OS-dependent
part. The OS independent part is shared with other OSes, while
OS dependent part (acpi_os_xxx functions) are Linux specific.

That's the way ACPI driver designers took and Linux can benefit
from other OS's feedback in OS-independent part.

> Anyway, this is a nice diversion from the real problem here, for 2.4,
> should I just backport the pci_ops changes which will allow pci
> hotplugging to work again on ia64, or do we want to do something else?

It would be great if we had the same 2.5 functions in 2.4.

KOCHI, Takayoshi <>

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