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SubjectRe: and nicer too - Re: [PATCH] epoll more scalable than poll
On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, Zach Brown wrote:

> > It is very easy for me to remain calm here. You're a funny guy. You're in
> > the computer science by many many years and still you're not able to
> > understand how edge triggered events works. And look, this apply to every
> > field, form ee to cs. Book suggestions would be requested here, but since
> > I believe grasping inside a technical library to be pretty fun, I'll leave
> > you this pleasure.
> I know its hard, but can we try and avoid the most pathetic pitfalls of
> arguing over email?

Zach, on one side it's very easy for me. I just won't reply. This should
cut this very short. Looking at the whole thread you'll find that he
wanted to pass his non agreement with the interface, that is a pretty
normal and legitimate thing, for a bug of the interface. Now, while non
agreement imply a very own subjective way to see a thing, a bug means a
very objective thing. That is, "it does not work". Now, when someone state
something that is proven to be false ( it's not even an RTQA, it's a
NOT-A-BUG ), and when this someone tried in every way to kill the
interface ( for reason that I'm not aware about ), and also implied that
"I do not understand", well I've been educated to respond. Look, I'm a
very simple guy. You don't touch me and I'll be transparent like a ghost
for you. You touch me personally, and I retaliate.

- Davide

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