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    SubjectRe: export of sys_call_table
    On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 06:27:06PM -0400, Robert Love wrote:

    > > Hmm, I guess this means oprofile has no chance of working
    > > on Red Hat's kernels ? Bummer.
    > Newer oprofile does not need the exported syscall table.

    Hrmmm, HEAD CVS from a few minutes ago still does.
    John's work on getting things done correctly for 2.6 doesn't
    change the fact that it's buggered on Red Hat's 2.4 kernel.
    Or does it ?

    > I believe Red Hat 8.0 even ships with oprofile :)

    Interesting. Maybe I'll download a copy sometime 8)


    | Dave Jones.
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