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SubjectRe: NUMA scheduler (was: 2.5 merge candidate list 1.5)
>> Erich, what does all the pool stuff actually buy us over what
>> Michael is doing? Seems to be rather more complex, but maybe
>> it's useful for something we're just not measuring here?
> The more complicated stuff is for achieving equal load between the
> nodes. It delays steals more when the stealing node is averagely loaded,
> less when it is unloaded. This is the place where we can make it cope
> with more complex machines with multiple levels of memory hierarchy
> (like our 32 CPU TX7). Equal load among the nodes is important if you
> have memory bandwidth eaters, as the bandwidth in a node is limited.
> When introducing node affinity (which shows good results for me!) you
> also need a more careful ranking of the tasks which are candidates to
> be stolen. The routine task_to_steal does this and is another source
> of complexity. It is another point where the multilevel stuff comes in.
> In the core part of the patch the rank of the steal candidates is computed
> by only taking into account the time which a task has slept.

OK, it all sounds sane, just rather complicated ;-) I'm going to trawl
through your stuff with Michael, and see if we can simplify it a bit
somehow whilst not changing the functionality. Your first patch seems
to work just fine, it's just the complexity that bugs me a bit.

The combination of your first patch with Michael's balance_exec stuff
actually seems to work pretty well ... I'll poke at the new patch you
sent me + Michael's exec balance + the little perf tweak I made to it,
and see what happens ;-)

> I attach the script for getting some statistics on the numa_test. I
> consider this test more sensitive to NUMA effects, as it is a bandwidth
> eater also needing good latency.
> (BTW, Martin: in the numa_test script I've sent you the PROBLEMSIZE must
> be set to 1000000!).

It is ;-) I'm running 44-mm4, not virgin remember, so things like hot&cold
page lists may make it faster?


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