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    SubjectRe: New nanosecond stat patch for 2.5.44
    On Sunday 27 October 2002 19:23, Chris Friesen wrote:
    > H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > > We probably need to revamp struct stat anyway, to support a larger
    > > dev_t, and possibly a larger ino_t (we should account for 64-bit ino_t
    > > at least if we have to redesign the structure.) At that point I would
    > > really like to advocate for int64_t ts_sec and uint32_t ts_nsec and
    > > quite possibly a int32_t ts_taidelta to deal with leap seconds... I'd
    > > personally like struct timespec to look like the above everywhere.
    > For filesystems can we get away with just the 64-bit nanoseconds? By my
    > calculations that gives something like 584 years--do we need to worry
    > about files older than that?

    1) The hard drive is only about 50 years old, so there aren't any files older
    than that at the moment:

    2) This thing is unlikely to be a problem in our lifetimes, our
    grandchildren's lifetimes, or our great grandchildren's lifetimes (barring
    unforseen advances in active telomere reconstruction and a regenerative
    interpretation of DNA that somehow looks at it as a blueprint rather than a

    3) If any current hardware or software is still in use in the year 2554, it
    will be seriously overdue for an upgrade.


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