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SubjectRe: [Bug] 2.5.44-ac2 cdrom eject panic
Hi Jens!

* Jens Axboe writes:
>On Fri, Oct 25 2002, Markus Plail wrote:
>>Yes it does. I can't burn though. I attached the cdrecord output. Hava
>>a look at the Blocks numbers. Although the image is only 500MB, it
>>says it wouldn't fit on the disc which is 700MB. In another try it
>>wanted to start burning although I had a bought audio CD in the

>As a hack, can you change:

> if ((rq->flags & REQ_BLOCK_PC) && !rq->errors)
rq->errors = sense_key;
>in drivers/ide/ide-cd.c:cdrom_decode_status() to
> if ((rq->flags & REQ_BLOCK_PC) && !rq->errors)
rq->errors = 2;

Works fine now :-)
Now if C2 scans would work that'd be great ;-)

[plail@plailis_lfs:plail]$ readcd dev=/dev/hdc -c2scan
Read speed: 7056 kB/s (CD 40x, DVD 5x).
Write speed: 0 kB/s (CD 0x, DVD 0x).
Capacity: 4116432 Blocks = 8232864 kBytes = 8039 MBytes = 8430 prMB
Sectorsize: 2048 Bytes
Copy from SCSI (0,0,0) disk to file '/dev/null'
end: 4116432
addr: 0 cnt: 99^Mreadcd: Operation not permitted. Cannot send SCSI cmd vi
readcd: Operation not permitted. Cannot send SCSI cmd via ioctl


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