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    SubjectRe: Crunch time -- the musical. (2.5 merge candidate list 1.5)
    >> I still haven't been able to get your scheduler to boot for about
    >> the last month without crashing the system. Andrew says he has it
    >> booting somehow on 2.5.44-mm4, so I'll steal his kernel tommorow and
    >> see how it looks. If the numbers look good for doing boring things
    >> like kernel compile, SDET, etc, I'm happy.
    > I thought this problem is well understood! For some reasons independent of
    > my patch you have to boot your machines with the "notsc" option. This
    > leaves the cache_decay_ticks variable initialized to zero which my patch
    > doesn't like. I'm trying to deal with this inside the patch but there is
    > still a small window when the variable is zero. In my opinion this needs
    > to be fixed somewhere in arch/i386/kernel/smpboot.c. Booting a machine
    > with cache_decay_ticks=0 is pure nonsense, as it switches off cache
    > affinity which you absolutely need! So even if "notsc" is a legal option,
    > it should be fixed such that it doesn't leave your machine without cache
    > affinity. That would anyway give you a falsified behavior of the O(1)
    > scheduler.

    Oh, not sure if I ever replied to this or not. I don't *have* to boot
    with notsc, I just usually do. And it crashed either way, so it's a
    different problem (changing versions of gcc seems to perturb it too).
    BUT ... your new patches 1 and 2 don't have this problem. See followup
    email in a second.


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