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SubjectRe: KT333, IO-APIC, Promise Fasttrak, Initrd
> On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 20:32, freaky wrote:
> > it in IDE mode so I tricked it. Attached the harddisks one by one so
> > were created of one disk each. This works under WinXP. Most of the
> > partitions were created on my previous system with PIIX intel
> > and are read without probs under XP.
> Thats still going to have strange raid blocks on it. However if you then
> partitioned the driver you should have blown it away with luck.

No problems under XP so far...what kind of blocks would that be? Only had
time-outs on one of the disks when it was only slave (no master present
forgot to attach it :/) but since the master is attached that's gone.... all
my old data plays fine, mainly mp3's, games and movies.

I'll supply all of the info later, low on time now and it's late. Want the
kernel config and such as well? BIOS setup?

TIA and regards

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