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SubjectRe: [PATCH]updated ipc lock patch
mingming cao wrote:
> > Even better: is it possible to embed the rcu_ipc_free inside the
> > object-to-be-freed? Perhaps not?
> Are you saying that have a static RCU header structure in the
> object-to-be-freed? I think it's possible. It fits well in the rmid
> case, where the object to be freed is an kern_ipc_perm structure. But
> for the grow_ary() case, the object to be freed is a array of struct
> ipc_id, so it need a little bit more changes there. Maybe add a new
> structure ipc_entries, which include the RCU header structure and the
> pointer to the entries array. Then have the ipc_ids->entries point to
> ipc_entries. Just a little concern that this way we added a reference
> when looking up the IPC ID from the array.

This is a place where a mempool is appropriate. The objects have
a "guaranteed to be returned if you wait for long enough" lifecycle.

But Hugh's right here. The chance of the single-page GFP_KERNEL
allocation failing is tiny; the probability depending upon the
VM-of-the-day. Let's leave it be.
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