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SubjectRe: Crunch time -- the musical. (2.5 merge candidate list 1.5)
> The situation is really funny: Everybody seems to agree that the design
> ideas in my NUMA aproach are sane and exactly what we want to have on
> a NUMA platform in the end. But instead of concentrating on tuning the
> parameters for the many different NUMA platforms and reshaping this
> aproach to make it acceptable, IBM concentrates on a very much stripped
> down aproach.

From my point of view, the reason for focussing on this was that
your scheduler degraded the performance on my machine, rather than
boosting it. Half of that was the more complex stuff you added on
top ... it's a lot easier to start with something simple that works
and build on it, than fix something that's complex and doesn't work

I still haven't been able to get your scheduler to boot for about
the last month without crashing the system. Andrew says he has it
booting somehow on 2.5.44-mm4, so I'll steal his kernel tommorow and
see how it looks. If the numbers look good for doing boring things
like kernel compile, SDET, etc, I'm happy.


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