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SubjectRe: [BK PATCH 1/4] fix NGROUPS hard limit (resend)
On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Tim Hockin wrote:
> Jesse Pollard wrote:
> > And I really doubt that anybody has 10000 unique groups (or even
> > close to that) running under any system. The center I'm at has
> > some of the largest UNIX systems ever made, and there are only
> > about 600 unique groups over the entire center. The largest number
> > of groups a user can be in is 32. And nobody even comes close.
> I'm glad it doesn't affect you. If it was a more common problem, it
> would have been solved a long time ago. It does affect some people,
> though. Maybe they can redesign their group structures, but why not
> remove this arbitrary limit, since we can?

For anoncvs this is a common problem.

Each project has its own group and the anoncvs user needs
access to all (write access in order to make lock files).


A: No.
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