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SubjectRe: epoll (was Re: [PATCH] async poll for 2.5)
Mark Mielke wrote:
> epoll is not a poll()/select() enhancement (unless it is used in
> conjuction with poll()/select()). It is a poll()/select()
> replacement.
> Meaning... purposefully creating an API that is designed the way one
> would design a poll()/select() loop is purposefully limiting the benefits
> of /dev/epoll.
> It's like inventing a power drill to replace the common screw driver,
> but rather than plugging the power drill in, manually turning the
> drill as if it was a socket wrench for the drill bit.
> I find it an excercise in self defeat... except that /dev/epoll used the
> same way one would use poll()/select() happens to perform better even
> when it is crippled.

- Dan

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