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    SubjectSystem call wrapping

    Dear sirs,
    I work for FRISK Software International. We are an Antivirus company.
    Our product is the F-Prot Antivirus scanner.

    We have started to port our application to the Linux platform in an
    effort to provide system administrators with means to scan the content
    they supply their workstations with via Linux servers.
    In our Windows product we have something called "Realtime protector"
    which monitors file access on Windows running machines and scans them
    before allowing access.

    We now want, due to customer demand, to supply our Linux users with
    similar functionality, and we've created a 2.4.x kernel module which
    wrapped the open system call by means of overwriting
    sys_call_table[__NR_open]. We did realize that this is a bad idea if a
    user loads another module doing the same, and then unloads in the wrong
    order. And also that this is not a very pretty method. But it worked.

    Apparently, this is something you kernel hackers don't approve of, since
    you've recently removed EXPORT_SYMBOL(sys_call_table) from
    kernel/ksyms.c - so my question is whether there is some other preferred
    method for accomplishing this without forcing the user to patch and
    compile a new kernel. Is there some API for wrapping system calls which
    I am unaware of, or are there plans to provide one?

    Best regards,

    Henrý Þór Baldursson, Linux Developer
    FRISK Software International

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