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Subject[LARGE patch 23/124] sets sent over and over again Re: [PATCH] ext2/3 updates for 2.5.44 (1/11): Default mount options in superblock

I know everybody wants to be cool and split their patchkit up. I'm all
for that. But why oh why do these sets have to be sent to LKML every
time when a new upstream kernel is released and the only change is a
rsync? (and Ted, this is not meant as a personal assault of any kind,
your mail was just the one that was the final drop in the bucket)

I hereby politely ask EVERYONE who wants to (re)posts large patchsets,
to at minimum try to follow something like the following politeness

1) Make it ONE thread. Do this by cc or bcc'ing yourself on the mails
and use the reply feature of your mailer to reply each next number of
the set to the previous one. This allows people that use mail/news
readers that can do threading to properly sort it. This is not hard,
and I consider it the least you can do for the people that read lklm.

2) Do not resent all 506 parts of your patchkit every time Linus
releases a new kernel and all you did was merge up. Post 1 mail with
the fact that you did this and an URL to the patchkit if you feel
everyone and their dog really wants to know this fact. This does not
mean that if you did significant cleanup work you shouldn't repost
(while keeping #1 in mind), that obviously is of more interest.

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 11:35, wrote:
> This is the latest set of ext2/3 update patches, against 2.5.44. The
> patches include:

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