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SubjectRe: Bitkeeper outrage, old and new
On 21 Oct 2002, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le dim 20/10/2002 à 23:51, Robert Love a écrit :

> > The assignment says (I quote) "I hereby transfer... my entire right,
> > title, and interest (including all rights under copyright)... in my
> > program".
> Last time I looked, it wasn't possible to relinquish copyright on your
> own work, no matter what you sign. Maybe it's not like that in all
> countries, after all.

Germany (and France, judging from your words) have laws that
guarantee that the creator of a work keeps copyright on the
work. At least, part of the copyright cannot be signed over
to other people or organisations.

I wonder if this means the FSF can't accept contributions
from these countries, or if they've found some weasel-words
around the legislation of those countries...

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