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SubjectRe: [STUPID TESTCASE] ext3 htree vs. reiserfs on 2.5.40-mm1
Replying to Andreas Dilger:
> Why do you think data=writeback is better than data=journal? If the
> files have no data then it should not make a difference.

It is better than default data=ordered I think :)

Thanks for detailed explanation - it saved much time for me and
accortind to yours directions I have recalculated my test. Now ext3 is
better :)

create 2m49.545s 0m4.162s 2m20.766s
delete 2m8.155s 0m3.614s 1m34.945s

create 3m13.577s 0m4.338s 2m54.026s
delete 4m39.249s 0m3.968s 4m16.297s

create 2m50.766s 0m4.024s 2m21.197s
delete 2m8.755s 0m3.501s 1m35.737s

create 3m13.015s 0m4.432s 2m53.412s
delete 4m41.011s 0m3.893s 4m16.845s

this is two typical runs. Now I creating ext3 with
mke2fs -j -O dir_index -J size=192 -T news /dev/sda4

as you can see, this improves performance by 1/4

Unfortunately, there still one issue in ext3. It called "inode limit".
Initially I wanted to run this test on 1000000 files but ... I hit
inode limit and don't want to increase it artificially yet.

Reiserfs worked fine because it don't have such kind of limit ...

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff 'Greatest' Jr /// (icq)23200764 /// (http)
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