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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: ide-related kernel panic in 2.4.19 and 2.4.20-pre11
Andre Hedrick wrote:
> So could you ask the question a little more blunt?
> "Gee, I am trying to break a US Law on content protection, would you be my
> enabler? Don't worry, it only effects the US, and we are in a public
> forum. Also, do you prefer gray or black in your future pin stripped
> suit?"
I'm not taking any side in this, but:

US law != World law (and hopefully this will stay so for a long time)

Looking at the originators address and name he's from germany. FYI:
There's no provision in the law here that denies you personal copies of
copy protected contents assuming you own the original.
In fact you even pay for this use when buying emtpy media, regardless if
for data backup or copying.
So what may be illegal in the US is legal in other countries and
royalties are already taken care of (by law).
As I do assume that in case of this posting the actual target was a
personal record compilation for mobile use you should not accuse people
lightly of breaking the law when you seemingly don't know what law applies.
This doesn't mean that you have to take any action as it seems you live
in a country where any private software development already tends to be
To state it again: I'm strictly against illegal copying but what you
state here is nonsense for a lot of countries.
Andreas Steinmetz

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