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    Subjectunderstanding devpts_pty_new/kill
    I'm trying to understand how the path those functions take to be called.

    >From a basic understanding, is that we register f_ops for tty's and
    ptys. So we register tty_open for tty's which includes ptmx.

    therefore when we open ptmx, tty_open gets called, we do the code for
    PTMX, which calls devpts_pty_new() which creates the appropriate
    enteries in /dev/pts. These f_ops are registered in chrdevs struct
    (from fs/devices.c)

    I'm a little more hazy on devpts_pty_kill. That seems to similiar
    (except it's in pty_close, in pty.c) which is part of a much larger "tty
    driver" structure and is the "close" member of that structure. This
    structure is then registered. Then basically, it's also registered w/
    tty_fops, but tty_release calls tty->driver.close.

    Is this a correct understanding, or is there more going on behind the


    shaya potter

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