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SubjectRe: [PATCH] do_generic_file_read / readahead adjustments

> David Howells wrote:
> >
> > This patch is the alternative: make a function (do_generic_mapping_read())
> > that I can pass an inode or an address_space to, and make
> > do_generic_file_read() call that. This allows me to make use of readahead
> > semantics without having to reinvent them for myself.
> >
> OK. The current readahead and mpage code is really designed just
> for ext2-style filesystems. It was always expected that it would
> have to grow as more sophisticated filesytems put demands upon it.
> Your change is a perfectly sensible generalisation. The reiserfs
> team have been making noises about lower-level readahead hooks as well,
> and I think your patch largely addresses those. I shall ping them.

I'd just finished sending the patch to Linus. If you want to divert or stall
it, can you tell him.

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