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SubjectRe: [PATCH] zerocopy NFS for 2.5.36
Hello, Neil

> > I ported the zerocopy NFS patches against linux-2.5.36.
> hi,
> I finally got around to looking at this.
> It looks good.


> However it really needs the MSG_MORE support for udp_sendmsg to be
> accepted before there is any point merging the rpc/nfsd bits.
> Would you like to see if davem is happy with that bit first and get
> it in? Then I will be happy to forward the nfsd specific bit.


> I'm bit I'm not very sure about is the 'shadowsock' patch for having
> several xmit sockets, one per CPU. What sort of speedup do you get
> from this? How important is it really?

It's not so important.

davem> Personally, it seems rather essential for scalability on SMP.

It will be effective on large scale SMP machines as all kNFSd shares
one NFS port. A udp socket can't send data on each CPU at the same
time while MSG_MORE/UDP_CORK options are set.
The UDP socket have to block any other requests during making a UDP frame.

Thank you,
Hirokazu Takahashi.
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