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SubjectRe: harddisk corruption with 2.5.41bk and tcq enabled
> 2.5.42 has no changes in this area, so it's probably not safe for you
> either.

Tried it anyway. Nothing better. Seems to happen also with tcq disabled. I've
for now downgraded to 2.4 ... Don't want to reinstall again.
I don't have a serial console available. So I'm sorry but I can't give you any
further clues. X locks up completly after some minutes, on reboot e2fsck gives a
ton of errors (also with ext2 btw). Or can you point me to something I can try
safely?! Perhaps I'll give 2.5.40 a try again tomorrow. That was the latest
revision working iirc. But for now I'm tired and a bit scared ;-)

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