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SubjectRe: BK is *evil* corporate software [was Re: New BK License Problem?]
Hi all.
I'm currently working like a ClearCase admin and configuration manager in a
world-wide company. And I can say the CC (ClearCase) is unbelievable
expensive. In my country 1 developer on-site license costs about $6500. And
another $6500 for multi-site license to share the same source code between
two or more sites or countries. You have to have both of them to access
multi-sited source database. It means $13000 !!!! for single developer.

> > At a previous job, I was one of two system
> > administrators that supported ClearCase in our Solaris environment for
> > about 100 engineers. That is, there were two of us, and I never

I am one of two administrators too. Configuration of the fully automated
multi-sited with synchronisation of replicas system took us about 6 moths.
But now a year after it works fine and without significant troubles.

> I may be talking about a company with 5000+ designers using ClearCase
> with many sites around the world... :-)

So this is my point of wiew from CC admin of CC network with cca 1000
developers. CC is milk cow for Rational and is totaly unusable for the linux
kernel developers. In this time I know nothing about BK, but who knows the
future ... :o)


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