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SubjectRe: [rfc][patch] Memory Binding API v0.3 2.5.41
Martin J. Bligh wrote:
>>+#define for_each_valid_zone(zone, zonelist) \
>>+ for (zone = *zonelist->zones; zone; zone++) \
>>+ if (current->memblk_binding.bitmask & (1 << zone->zone_pgdat->memblk_id))
> Does the compiler optimise the last bit away on non-NUMA?

> Want to wrap it in #ifdef CONFIG_NUMA_MEMBIND or something?
Not a problem... I've got some free time this afternoon... Should only
take me a few hours to retool the patch to include this change. ;)

> Not sure what the speed impact of this would be, but I'd
> rather it was optional, even on NUMA boxen.
Sounds reasonable... It'll be in the next itteration.

> Other than that, looks pretty good.
Glad to hear!

> M.

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