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SubjectNew set of code snapshots for ext3-dxdir (kernel and userspace)

On Sun, Sep 29, 2002 at 07:46:57PM -0700, Ryan Cumming wrote:
> On September 29, 2002 01:16, Ryan Cumming wrote:
> > Case 1:
> > "Problem in HTREE directory inode 2 (/): bad block 3223649"

This turned out to actually be an e2fsprogs bug, not a kernel bug.
E2fsck was getting confused in some cases and interpreting a completely
empty directory block as a HTREE interior node, and thus incorrectly
flagging a valid HTREE directory as being corrupt. Your test case tends
to generate the empty directory blocks because it does a large amounts
of creates and deletes.

Anyway, let's try to synchronize on a common set of kernel patches and
userspace utilities, and see whether or not we've managed to get all of
the problems fixed.

For the kernel patches, I've created a patches against 2.4.19 and 2.5.39
that include the Andreas' kernel stack usage patch and Chrisl' empty
directory entry split patch, which can be found here:

In addition, I've released new e2fsprogs test release, which you can
obtain from sourceforge:

With these code base, and using a freshly created filesystem, I haven't
been able to reproduce any problems using Ryan's fs-ream.c stress
tester. So I'm pretty confident about its stability, although there
might possibly be some race conditions lurking about under extreme load.

Ryan, you care to give it a go, and see what you can find?

- Ted
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