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    SubjectRe: initramfs programs (was [RFC] klibc requirements)
    At 21:15 09/01/2002, Alex Bligh - linux-kernel wrote:
    >>>Here's what I want to have in my initramfs:
    >>> - /sbin/hotplug
    >>> - /sbin/modprobe
    >>> - modules.dep (needed for modprobe, but is a text file)
    >>>What does everyone else need/want there?
    >>It is planned to move partition discovery to userspace which would then
    >>instruct the kernel of the positions of various partitions.
    >>The program(s) to do this will need to be in pretty much everyones
    >What with mounting root via NFS, hence having to set up
    >IP et al, mounting various different
    >partition types, avoiding the kludge of fsck etc.,
    >being able to recover from a corrupted root, you
    >might as well just cpio up your /sbin and stick
    >that in, and be able to run single user mode without
    >a 'normal' root. <FX: ducks & runs>
    >seriously point: ls /sbin gives a /maximum/ range I'd
    >have thought.

    Partition discovery is currently done within the kernel itself. The code
    will effectively 'just' move out into user space. As such it is not present
    in /sbin now but it will be in initramfs. The same is true for various
    other code I can imagine moving out of kernel mode into initramfs...

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