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SubjectRe: initramfs programs (was [RFC] klibc requirements)
"Eric S. Raymond" <> writes:

> greg k-h:
> >What does everyone else need/want there?
> dmidecode, so the init script can dump a DMI report in a known
> location such as /var/run/dmi.
> I want this for autoconfiguration purposes. If I can have it, I
> won't need /proc/dmi.

Why can't this happen inside the regular startup scripts? They know
where to put such files; the kernel-level stuff doesn't--I can't think
of any current situation where the kernel writes to an arbitrary file
in the filesystem as it boots. Sure, /var/run is in the FHS, but that
doesn't mean every system will have it.

IMHO, since /var/run/dmi is not needed by any stage of the kernel
boot, it should be created in the regular startup scripts (invoked by

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