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    SubjectRe: IDE Patch SIS ATA100
    Jussi Laako wrote:

    > Andre Hedrick wrote:
    >>Thanks for the feedback, but lkml needs it or it will not be adopted.
    >>I know the driver is stable and effectively perfect in operations.
    >>So I do not understand the total ignore I receive about it.
    > Just to avoid overperfectness... ;))
    > Has anyone succeeded in fixing the sis5513 driver to work with ATA100 chips?
    > I get heavy disk corruption with SiS730S chipset mobo (ASUS A7S-VM).
    > Best regards,
    > - Jussi Laako

    I'm on it. Had some intermittent successes and thought to have a correct
    patch until today (one 2002 week with ATA100)...
    But I had a bugreport today and same dma problems on my machine after a
    BIOS flashing and a new drive in the system.
    Currently in heavy debugging.

    PB: chip seems to init itself correctly on extended periods of time on
    my config! Makes testing rather difficult :-(

    For example, with the *exact* same code this evening I had:
    - a system freeze just after /sbin/init load,
    - a crash after ext3 fs errors before init,
    - a somewhat working boot (some weird library errors caused "ip" to not
    - a fully functionnal system (no error reported, some file copies,
    reboot with ide=nodma, e2fsck -f -> no error).

    If you have a system you can test on without fear of breaking things
    I'll send you patches as soon as they'll work again on my config.
    Better if you want to proof-read the code :


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