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    SubjectRe: 2.2.21pre2; ide_set_handler; DMA timeout

    On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Tim Moore wrote:

    > > driver. You may check some more recent version of IDE backport from
    > > 2.4.x: - the latest is ide.,
    > > but the new version of hpt driver has not been yet backported. I'm going
    > > to do it tomorrow.
    > I'll test the backport hpt driver when available.

    OK, please try this:

    ide. for linux kernel 2.2.21pre2: (test version)
    o new file: drivers/ide/idecomp.h with:
    create_proc_read_entry() for ide-proc.c
    pci_for_each_dev() for ide-pci.c and cs5530.c
    ARRAY_SIZE() for sis5513.c
    cpu_relax() for serverworks.c
    o backport from linux-2.4.17+ide.
    alim15x3.c - 0.10
    hpt366.c - 0.22
    o enable 80-pin cable detection for DELL and SUN in serverworks.c
    o use create_proc_info_entry() and proc_mkdir() in ide-proc.c.
    o enable "IDE Taskfile Access" and "IDE Taskfile IO" in

    Is there any reason why you compiled kernel with IDE SCSI emulation?

    BTW: Do you really have 36MHz PCI clock?

    Best regards,

    Krzysztof Oledzki

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