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    SubjectRe: that virus thing....
    Date said:
    > No. It means the real message originator, invisible because that
    > system apparently does not retain Received: headers, sent out:
    > From: <Administrator>
    > and VGER was the first machine receiving it, and following the letter
    > of RFC 822 about fully-qualified addresses in visible headers, and
    > qualified a non-qualified one...

    It's too early in the morning for reading RFCs. Does RFC2822 say you should
    add your own domain to unqualified addresses in non-local mail, or just
    say that unqualified addresses aren't legal?

    If the latter, rejecting the offending mail would seem more appropriate
    than adding '' to it.

    Might also be useful to stop any mail with null reverse-path from getting
    to the list - or do we already do that and the ones that slipped through
    couldn't even get that right?


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